Why Choose Ammonia Free Hair Color


Why Choose Ammonia Free Hair Color

February 10, 2011 Articles 0

Ammonia is traditionally used in hair color in order to open the cuticle, or the scaly layers that protect the inner hair structure and where hair pigment is found.  The problem with ammonia is that it blows the cuticle open and makes it very difficult to close it back down.  This leads to color fading, and to loss of protein and moisture in the hair.  What does that mean for your hair?  Well, protein keeps your hair strong, while moisture helps it to maintain its elasticity.  Losing either one or both of these compromises the health of your hair.The other problem with ammonia is obvious – it stinks.  The fumes are awful which is why most of the time a stylist will go into another room to mix your color formula.  Ammonia not only has the ability to open the hair’s cuticle, but it also opens the skin and scalp allowing the color to penetrate into your system.  If you are only coloring your hair every six weeks or so, that may not be the end of the world for some, but many women are developing allergies to hair color.  Eventually this may lead to complete intolerance.  Rashes, stinging, and burns are common systems of an ammonia allergy.

Luckily, the hair color industry has progressed and found alternatives to ammonia in hair color.  Organic Color Systems has been around for 20 years, but sadly it has taken this long for hairdressers to acknowledge that there is an alternative that works.  The good news is that many of us have come around and choose to offer products and services that are more natural and that have replaced some of the harshest chemicals with gentler, yet effective ones.


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