To Go Grey or Not to Go Grey


To Go Grey or Not to Go Grey

March 1, 2011 Articles 0

Many women have chosen to go au naturel and not color their hair although they have some grey.  There are of course as many reasons to color your hair as there are valid reasons not to color your hair.  The following is my unsolicited opinion as a colorist and as a professional.

First of all, if you are going to let your hair go grey then make sure your hair cut is also age appropriate.  Jamie Lee Curtis is a wonderful example of a woman that looks amazing with her natural hair color because she also has a short, sexy hair cut. I realize many women do not think of short hair as sexy, but that is a subject for another blog.  If you have grey hair, in my opinion, you should not have long, or in most cases, even medium length hair – it ages you more than your grey hair does.  Choose a sassy little bob pictured, or a pixie like Jamie Lee’s.

If you do not have more than 50% grey hair you probably should color your hair.  A few strands of grey or anything less than half also ages you and makes you look unkempt.  I realize that a lot of women do not color their hair because they have never found a hair color that looks natural – to that I say consult a professional and preferably one that uses an ammonia-free color line like Organic Color Systems – do not go to the drugstore and choose a box color yourself.  The results will likely be unsatisfactory and you may even end up looking older.  Most of the time the color chosen is too dark and that can harden your features and you end up looking like Morticia Addams – which is great if you’re going for a goth look.

If you have severe scalp issues such as eczema, psoriasis, or seborrhea, then coloring your hair may not be the best thing.  However, there are alternatives like blending your grey with a foiling process that does not allow the color to touch your scalp, or even highlighting your hair to help blend the grey by using a decolorizer.  Often, going lighter can help you look younger and will not affect your scalp because the product does not come into contact with your scalp.

If you look good with grey hair then by all means leave your hair color alone.  I do not believe everyone should color their hair simply because I am a colorist – many women look great au naturel. Skin tone is a factor that should be considered if you are thinking about going grey.  If you have an olive complexion the grey can really bring out unwanted skin tones that make you look sallow and unwell.

Ultimately, the choice is an individual one that only you can make, but asking for a professional opinion may make choosing easier.





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