Silicone in Hair Products – Not So Bueno…


Silicone in Hair Products – Not So Bueno…

July 11, 2011 Articles 0

Silicone oil is a main ingredient in many smoothing and anti-frizz hair care products; you will find them listed as dimethicone and dimethanol.  The alleged advantage of silicone oil is its ability to coat the hair shaft and smooth the hair cuticle to tame or eliminate hair frizz.  I use the term alleged because I feel that in actuality this can be a disadvantage because silicone oil like many oils attracts dust and dirt to the hair causing buildup over time.  Therefore this creates the need to use a clarifying shampoo to remove the silicone oil completely from the hair which in turn can be drying. Silicone oil used on fine or thin hair can weigh it down causing it to look limp and may have adverse effects on the scalp, as well.

Covering the scalp with a synthetic coating can lead to problems with dry scalp, excess oil secretion, and possibly even hair loss.  The scalp needs to breathe like your skin does in order to remain healthy – it sheds naturally as old cells are sloughed off.  This process may be impaired through the use of products that contain synthetic silicone and synthetic oils.

There are alternatives, however.   Formulas that are highly concentrated in active botanical ingredients, with minimal to no water added, and no parabens, formaldehyde, petrochemicals, synthetic dyes and alcohol, or silicones have been produced by companies like Phyto (pronounced fee-toh, from the Greek for plant).  Something to consider before you purchase your next shampoo…


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