PHYTO Products


I make it my mission to use only the highest quality, lowest pH color and hair care products by researching ingredients and educating myself on all potential benefits or possible detriments. At Salon ZERO your hair will be treated with the finest, most technologically advanced shampoos and conditioners available.

I have always carried PHYTO products. They are botanical and free of sulfates, silicones, and harsh detergents. They leave the hair clean without striping essential oils from the scalp. They do not create the build-up that most of the products on the market do today.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis played an integral part in spreading the word about some of the first PHYTO products like Huile D’Ales and Phyto 7 across the Atlantic.

Patrick Ales is the creator of PHYTO hair care products and is known for creating the French Blow out. As a hairdresser for many years, he began to notice how the chemicals used in everyday products damage hair. Ales’ love and enthusiasm of plants lead to the creation of an uncommon plant-based hair product line. His main goal was to use plants’ natural curative properties to create hair treatments.

Today, Patrick Ales continues to work with family and friends, testing his products on them and discovering new plants to develop products that incorporate both nature and beauty. PHYTO products are not tested on animals.

PHYTO is Eco-Friendly

Because each PHYTO product is formulated with plant extracts that work together to ensure maximum results, they are uniquely packaged in aluminum tubes that come in a box to preserve their botanical formulas. The boxes protect the products from light and heat. PHYTO products are meant to have a rather pharmaceutical appearance.

PHYTO has made many appearances in magazines including ELLE, Allure, People, WWD Salon and Oprah’s O Magazine. The Phytodefrisant was featured in the Oprah Magazine and is recommended by Oprah’s beauty director Valerie Monroe. Actress Cameron Diaz used PHYTO’s Pro Strong Finishing Spray and the Phytolisse smoothing serum to achieve her sleek do for the cover of SELF Magazine. PHYTO has also won three awards from Women’s Health Magazine including the Phytomousse for best volumizing shampoo, Phtyodefrisant Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm for best frizz fighter, and the Phtytovolume Actif for best volumizer. PHYTO was also the only hair care line that was represented at the U.S. Open held in Forest Hills, New York.