Gris de Medellin


Gris de Medellin

December 29, 2010 Observations 0

I have had the pleasure of spending the holidays abroad in Medellin, Colombia where my mother grew up.  It’s our first Christmas in Colombia together, and her first in 40+ years.  As a stylist, one of the funnest things about this trip has been observing the trends in hair color, cuts, etc.

“Gris de Medellin” is  a term commonly used to describe the gray or silver color of choice in cars.  Unfortunately, that trend has apparently spread to hair color.  These beautiful girls with amazing black hair are all streaking their hair with the ugliest, ashiest, and frankly squirrelly color I have ever seen.  It is not at all flattering and it just makes me go “What the Hair!!!???”

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