Within the sphere of Salon ZERO and as a professional stylist, my only aim is to provide you with unparalleled service and to use the safest products available that still produce the desired results. I believe in complete transparency and I am always completely honest about the fallacy being perpetrated by salons that claim to be organic. It is my belief that you cannot add some certified organic ingredients into a bunch of chemicals (which by the broadest definition are indeed organic also) and imply that they are 100% free of toxins and completely natural. I use the best products available today, with the least amount of harsh chemicals, that do the least amount of damage and produce the best results.

My varied interests include not only staying on top of the latest coloring trends, and all things hair, but because I am a total science nerd at heart, I enjoy reading and listening to podcasts related to epigenetics and current scientific research on nutrition, and a functional evolutionary approach to health.

My own struggles with my health and healing have inspired me to share my discoveries with others. I often post articles on Modern Primal Life, a blog related to these issues, and I share recipes that I have altered to fit into a paleo, primal, ancestral template. I believe that by returning to our ancestral wisdom and by embracing a bit of down time away from the constant pull of technology we can indeed die of old age instead of disease. Imagine that…

My other passion is advocating for Pitbulls, a breed that has been the most abused, and misunderstood in history. I support the Stand Up for Pits Foundation¬†which has done amazing work to end the abuse of these inherently good dogs. Pictured on the right is my baby, Blue who was dumped on the street and left to starve with mange and staph infection when he was only a puppy. He’s a beautiful, kind soul and I am so lucky to have this handsome velvety hippo.