Trend Alert: Fall 2011

Gold tones and honey hues are the fast-growing favorite colors for the upcoming season to brighten and complement just about every complexion. Used to either frame the face or placed just at the hairline and crown, this upcoming seasons’ must-have hue will make every complexion radiant. From honey and amber to chestnut and maple, tones of gold will complement any brunette. Read More »

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Silicone in Hair Products – Not So Bueno…

Silicone oil is a main ingredient in many smoothing and anti-frizz hair care products; you will find them listed as dimethicone and dimethanol.  The alleged advantage of silicone oil is its ability to coat the hair shaft and smooth the hair cuticle to tame or eliminate hair frizz.  I use the term alleged because I feel that in actuality this can be a disadvantage because silicone oil like many oils attracts dust and dirt to the hair causing buildup over time.  Therefore this creates the need to use a clarifying shampoo to remove the silicone oil completely from the hair which in turn can be drying. Silicone oil used on fine or thin hair can weigh it down causing it to look limp and may have adverse effects on the scalp, as well. Read More »

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Trend Alert

Tired of the same old, same old look?  All you need to do to be on trend is add a heavy fringe.  Blunt, solid bangs are being sported by Kate Moss and Olivia Wilde and they instantly update your look.  Don’t try this at home, however.  Although it seems like cutting your own bangs is simple, leave it to the professionals – there is definitely a method to creating sexy fringe instead of crooked little girl bangs.

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To Go Grey or Not to Go Grey

Many women have chosen to go au naturel and not color their hair although they have some grey.  There are of course as many reasons to color your hair as there are valid reasons not to color your hair.  The following is my unsolicited opinion as a colorist and as a professional.

First of all, if you are going to let your hair go grey then make sure your hair cut is also age appropriate.  Jamie Lee Curtis is a wonderful example of a woman that looks amazing with her natural hair color because she also has a short, sexy hair cut. Read More »

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Why Choose Ammonia Free Hair Color

Ammonia is traditionally used in hair color in order to open the cuticle, or the scaly layers that protect the inner hair structure and where hair pigment is found.  The problem with ammonia is that it blows the cuticle open and makes it very difficult to close it back down.  This leads to color fading, and to loss of protein and moisture in the hair.  What does that mean for your hair?  Well, protein keeps your hair strong, while moisture helps it to maintain its elasticity.  Losing either one or both of these compromises the health of your hair. Read More »

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Gris de Medellin

I have had the pleasure of spending the holidays abroad in Medellin, Colombia where my mother grew up.  It’s our first Christmas in Colombia together, and her first in 40+ years.  As a stylist, one of the funnest things about this trip has been observing the trends in hair color, cuts, etc.

“Gris de Medellin” is  a term commonly used to describe the gray or silver color of choice in cars.  Unfortunately, that trend has apparently spread to hair color.  These beautiful girls with amazing black hair are all streaking their hair with the ugliest, ashiest, and frankly squirrelly color I have ever seen.  It is not at all flattering and it just makes me go “What the Hair!!!???”

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