Brows by Rachel at Arch & Line Microblading

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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is a nice first iteration, but I expect, as with everything Dyson, that future versions will be even better.


  • The design; it looks sleek, sexy
  • It does a nice job of drying the hair and dries it pretty fast
  • Very light weight at under a pound


It took me a while to get used to the cool shot being on the back of the handle – it’s usually on the inside and you use the tip of your trigger finger, but now that I have adjusted, it’s quite nice.

The cord, which is 9 ft for professional use, feels quite a lot shorter compared to my other professional hair dryers with cords of the same length. Perhaps, it’s the box on the cord that weighs it down and impedes movement.

I expected the dryer to be almost silent – maybe a comparison to the blade-less fans is unfair, but it’s quiet enough for the amount of air it blows.

All in all, a good first draft, but I’m not sure I would recommend that the casual, or non-professional, user spend that amount of money on a hair dryer.  I would suggest you spend it on the cordless vacuum, however. The new Absolute V8, animal model is fantastic!

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Modern Primal

FB Cover PhotoFB LogoAt last, all the information I have compiled for buying grass-fed beef, pastured pork & chicken, and fresh fruits and veggies in one place – my new site

Soon there will be recipes and links to information that I think my salon clients will find interesting Read More »

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Trending: Vintage Inspired Fashion Colors

Blue_hairIt’s a common misconception that fashion color is a present day phenomenon. When the first perms came out in the 1930s, tinted solutions were all the rage (the photo on the top left shows an award winning example). By the 1950s women were using all types of dyes to cover their grays and experimenting with all sorts of vivid tones.

The image on the bottom left shows an add for a color called “Blue Vixen.” This vivid hue was considered elegant and stylish as were other vibrant tones: pink, violet, and even yellow. As “unnatural” hues come back into current fashion trends, we can learn a lot about their possibilities by revisiting the past.

Get your own vintage inspired shade in salon.  In order for these fashion tones to appear vivid, you do need to lighten the hair, and therefore it is best left to a professional.

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Keratin Treatment Disasters

hair_frizz_to_hair_smooth_Although I’ve previously written a blog on this topic, based on the responses, the questions, and the phone calls I’ve received for advice on reversing the damage caused by keratin, I felt it would be appropriate to address this issue directly in a new blog post.

The promise of silky, manageable hair is irresistible, without question. However, sometimes the price you pay is hair damaged beyond recognition. It may not happen right away with one treatment, although I have heard reports that it can happen that fast, eventually the build-up of non-water soluble silicone takes its toll on the hair and the scalp. Symptoms are hair that is dry and brittle, so oily that shampooing does nothing, and dandruff which was not present prior to the application of keratin.

Why is this happening, you may ask… Well, the way that it works is by depositing silicone onto the hair which is then melted on at 400 degrees with a flat-iron to coat every strand. It’s impossible to keep this from coating the scalp, and therefore, the scalp begins to try to slough off this foreign material causing dandruff. The hair begins to dry out because it is being suffocated and it feels oily because the natural oils from your scalp are being trapped in the hair. If you are unable to wash it out, the hair can begin to smell unclean, much the way it does when you don’t wash it for many days after you’ve been sweating or if you naturally produce a lot of oil.

The good news is that with the right products, and a little patience you can begin to reverse the effects. My prescription for removing this build-up is as follows:

1 – Malibu Wellness has a treatment called Crystal Gel Actives. It is most effective when done in salon because heat from a hooded dryer helps to activate the vitamin C formula that chelates the hair. (Chelation is a process by which one molecule attaches itself to another in order to remove it – in this case the vitamin C attaches to the silicone and you are then able to wash it away.)

2 – Weekly use of a clarifying shampoo such as Malibu Wellness’ Undo Goo Shampoo – this shampoo is recommended prior to doing the Crystal Gel Actives Treatment. You may also use Neutragena’s Anti-Residue shampoo on a weekly basis.

3 – Use products to maintain your hair that have very little or no silicone. If you read the label on a shampoo or conditioner look for ‘dimethicone’. It should either be free from dimethicone, or way down the list of ingredients. I recommend Phyto products, or Simply Organic shampoos and conditioners. Beware of shampoos found in health food stores – read the labels! Also, beware of products like Argan Oil and Moroccan Oil – they coat the hair and will also begin to suffocate it. If you use these products you may have found that they seem to stop working – in fact, your hair may start to feel dry when it used to feel silky and soft.

The treatment may need to be done monthly for a while depending on how much build-up you have. Be patient though – it will restore your hair, but it may take a little time. You may even find that your hair is in better shape than when you started because it will also remove minerals from hard water, and other impurities.

Feel free to contact me with questions, or if you happen to live near Safety Harbor, FL you can book your Malibu Treatment online.

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Hair Myths Vol. 1

Hair Myth Number One:  You should only wash your hair “X” number of times per week.  Fact: only you know how often you should wash your hair depending on your lifestyle.  For example, if you work out daily and you sweat significantly from your scalp – wash your hair.  If you  find yourself sweating at night – wash your hair.  If your scalp gets itchy, your hair looks greasy, or it smells unclean – please wash your hair. Read More »

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Product Review: Wen by Chaz Dean

As a stylist and salon owner I am frequently asked for a review of hair care products.  Lately, I have been getting a lot of questions about Wen by Chaz Dean, a line of hair care products that you subscribe to and receive monthly.  As described on their website it is purported to be  “A 5-in-1 formula, this one product takes the place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner.”  It’s other claim to fame is that it is free from sodium laurel sulfate, commonly used as a lathering agent.

Recently, I had a new client that had been using the Wen products for three months.  The results were disappointing to say the least.  His naturally curly hair was so dry it felt like straw, and he had build-up on his scalp that was causing terrible dandruff, dryness and itchiness.  It was impossible to comb before I did a treatment to remove some of the build-up.  The reason for all of this is that unfortunately, these products contain Amodimethicone – a non-water soluble plastic that builds layer upon layer on the hair and scalp. Read More »

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Trend Alert: Color Blocking

Color blocking is a fun way to accentuate a hair cut and a nice change from traditional hair color or high lighting.  There are a dozen possible variations, so you can have completely customized color that brings out your playful side.  Tone on tone, high contrast, subtle shade variations… the only limit is the imagination.  Notice how the color blocking in the photo on the left brings focus to the rounded shape of the hair cut.

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Why I Choose not to do Keratin Treatments

As a stylist I try to refrain from jumping on the latest trends – especially if they involve a chemical process.  I have learned that it is difficult to assess the pros and cons of a new process without factoring in the effects over time.  I regret now that I may have jumped the gun on endorsing one particular process on this blog in the past – keratin treatments.  I am rescinding that endorsement in light of new facts.

The problem with keratin treatments – no brands excluded – is that they only work to smooth the hair if they contain dimethicone, a non-water soluble silicone found in many hair care products.  Keratin alone will not smooth the hair – I know this because I worked for a distributor of a keratin treatment which shall remain nameless… When complaints were made to OSHA regarding formaldehyde levels in keratin treatments the manufacturer tried playing with the formula and removing different elements like the dimethicone; the problem was, the keratin treatment no longer worked without the silicone component (dimethicone), and back in it went. Read More »

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5 Fall Haircuts to Love

WHAT: The Shaggy Bob
AS SEEN ON: Dianna Agron, January Jones
This look, is a cross between a bob and a shag, and comes to life when cut and styled properly. It’s meant to have some jagged lines with lots of movement.
WHO SHOULD TRY IT: It’s a great option for women with fine hair that has a little bit of natural texture.

WHAT: The Punky Crop
AS SEEN ON: Hayden Panettiere, Evan Rachel Wood
The punk crop, and it’s definitely holding strong as one of the most-requested cuts of the season among the fashion forward types.
WHO SHOULD TRY IT: This look is suitable for most face shapes except oblong or rectangular. Read More »

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