Welcome to salon ZERO

Greetings from Salon Zero, A fume-free salon in Downtown, Safety Harbor:

Hi, I’m Carolina. Salon Owner, Stylist, Dog Lover, and Primal/Evolutionary Lifestyle Advocate. Over the past 6 years I have had the pleasure of refining the salon experience by bringing my clients a quiet, peaceful, relaxing, and fresh air environment.

Whether you are a professional, a wife, a mother, a husband or father, I strive to help you look and feel your best because you work hard and you deserve it.

About Salon Zero:
An eco-conscious, boutique salon that specializes in ZERO ammonia professional hair color. Offering a unique one on one experience between client and stylist, there are no overlapping appointments. You get undivided attention for the duration of your appointment.

Located upstairs in a two-story building in the heart of downtown Safety Harbor, the salon is nestled among the trees and offers a lovely and relaxing view. The intimate setting offers complete privacy. Book your appointment today, and see for yourself how I’ve redefined the salon experience.

If you’re still not quite sure if Salon Zero is for you, the reviews posted by my clients speak volumes – just click the Reviews button on the right to read what people are saying about Salon Zero.

Now offering a variety of services including ammonia-free hair color, modern cuts for men, women and children, brow waxing, and Reiki/Reflexology and Energy Healing Treatments by Rosemary Belfi-Hagan, LMT and Therapeutic Massage Rehab for Overuse Syndrome and Athletes by her husband, James.  We also offer organic, hand-crafted room sprays and personal care products.

How does being a Primal/Evolutionary Lifestyle Advocate tie into being a salon owner, you may ask?

I love to share the benefits I have experienced by focusing on an ancestral diet, getting proper amounts of sleep and exercise, learning to manage stress and making small changes that add up to better health. In my journey to learning about nutrition and gut-health I came across a state of the art German bio-medical device that my doctor introduced to me. This is just one more discovery that I am privileged to share with my clients.

♥♥ Salon Zero is now offering sessions and packages so that you may experience this state of the art German bio-medical device that enhances:

  • oxygenation
  • blood flow
  • cardiac function
  • the body’s nutrient supply and waste disposal
  • physical fitness, endurance, strength and energy
  • mental acuity, focus, and sleep management

The Rule of 3: We can survive for about 3 weeks without food, about 3 days without water, and about 3 minutes without oxygen. If you consider just how important oxygenation is to our very survival then it stands to reason that a device that increases oxygenation by almost 30% in an 8 minute session, with an effect that lasts 12-14 hours, will help to potentiate the body to heal itself. All you have to do is lie down and relax for 8 to 16 minutes to reap the rewards. Book an appointment today, and experience it for yourself.